Landing Page

Welcome to the 229th AHB!

We fly the Huey, and all DCS Helicopters!

We are a semi-casual, but military-influenced unit focused around flying and training with the helicopter modules in DCS World (Openbeta).

Our Domains

Dedicated Servers

We have 2 private, dedicated servers & sometimes more, with missions & playgrounds designed specifically for heli-ops


Our robust wiki is considered our primary information repository. Links in this site will often direct you to different pages in the wiki.


We use Teamspeak (TS) & Simple Radio Standalone (SRS) for voice communications.


is our social media forum. Talk to other members, plan events, general banter and much more can be found here.


We offer training, both 1-on-1 & with the group. We also run missions & sometimes joint-ops with other units.

Training & Certification

Our training program is robust, with a main track from Basic wings to Senior Wings, with specialized training tracks for gunship, scouting, mission & command qualifications.