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Our virtual AHB was started on a web forum. There is lots of great information shared there that should stay with us, even after we decommission it from active duty. 1st Cav Div



Ovoid Generic Mod Enabler (OvGME) is a third-party tool which allows you to load & unload mods with greater organization & ease. Configuration


Training Syllabus

You can find our Training Syllabus on our wiki. You can also find tasks as extracted from the Aircrew Training Manual.


Required Mods

We have an officially maintained and distributed modpack, which comes compressed for use with the Ovoid Generic Mod Enabler (OvGME) app. Find the download links to the mod pack and OvGME here: To...


Huey Manuals

From our Wiki you can access our public repository of manuals, including DCS helicopter manuals, our own SOP, official historic FMs, and much more.


Standard Operating Procedures

Our TACSOP can be downloaded from our Wiki. It is our primary document outlining key structures and concepts employed in the 229th. If you read nothing else, read the TACSOP!